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Our selection of the best articles on new trends in digital business and their impact on business growth. Learn how to optimize customer service to scale your business!

Robots working

5 great recent advances in robotics

“It’s great to work with computers. They don’t argue, they remember everything and they don’t drink your beer”, said Paul Leary. Today, advances in robotics happen one after the other leaving us with eyes wide…

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Algorithm and personalization in the content industry

What role do algorithms play in your daily life? Certainly, they have more importance than you think. When you do a Google search for an academic paper, you receive an advertisement for a discounted sports…

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A robot child lying on the floor and reading a book.

5 books that predicted 21st century technologies that we use today

When the smartphone still did not exist, the human being didn’t even dream of stepping on the Moon and the Internet was something of a distant future, visionary artists, geniuses and writers created books that…

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Chatbot start up

Add a chatbot in your company from the beginning

Start ups and businesses may result highly benefited from a chatbot. From OhWhatAChat, we want to tell you why and how you can incorporate it to your business model.   Did you know that half…

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A inteligência artificial também chega ao setor da saúde

Artificial intelligence arrives to the health industry

Clinics and hospitals began to use chatbots in order to maintain a fluid communication with their patients.  In Spain, the Clínica Humana implemented “Rosa”, a bot which handles the follow-up, monitoring and health control of…

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A paciência do seu chatbot

Your Chabot’s Patience

Some clients require a very personalized and highly detailed assistance regarding their requirements as well as specific responses to their queries. Chatbots, in contrast with human beings, never lose their temper and are always well-disposed….

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Inteligência Artificial para PMEs: a imperiosa necessidade de contar com um chatbot

Artificial Intelligence for SMEs: The Urgent Need to Have a Chatbot

Customers’ expectations increase every day; they expect an updated customer service including quick and reliable payment transactions, a fast request processing, an easy shopping experience, a personal approach and much more. In the democratization of…

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Chatbots para comunicação interna

Bots: Partners for Internal Communications

Chatbots not only assist clients’ requests but also increase employees’ access, efficiency and satisfaction in their work environment since they are easy to use, to set up and to implement. They are a chance to…

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Chatbots para bancos

Banks Also Join Chatbots

Every day financial services institutions need to be closer to their customers, to offer customized products,  to build confidence and to meet their demands on time. Therefore, they have already added instant messaging applications with…

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Trust Is All What Your Chatbot Needs

Trust Is All Your Chatbot Needs

Frequently, human beings fail. However, to trust each other drives us to generate long-term relationships. Something similar happens with chatbots. To generate a bot that has confidence is key to establish a relationship with your…

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Chatbots and Human Beings for Sales

Chatbots or human beings for sales? Choice is not an option.

If you think that artificial intelligence will replace vendors in the short term, this is not a real fact. It is still necessary that both work at the same time. Let us tell you why…

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Los chatbots llegan a las marcas de moda

Chatbots Reach Fashion Brands

 “Powered by Artificial Intelligence and the big data, the greatest e-commerce platforms can turn an impersonal environment into something highly personal”, as stated by The State of Fashion 2018, in a report carried out by…

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Los consumidores del futuro comprarán desde chatbots

Tomorrow Customers Will Purchase Directly from Chatbots

The so-called millennials have 20% less possibilities of contacting via e-mail than baby boomers. In addition, they prefer a more genuine and personal communication as a chatbot. Below we will tell you the reason why….

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Mitos y verdades de los Chatbots

Myths and Truths About Chatbots

As always happens with new and unknown things, there is so much speculation about the applications and results new technologies offer. And Chatbots are not the exception. Here you will know the truth about it….

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Un chatbot para cada tipo de empresa

A Chatbot for Each Type of Company

Beyond the size: Big, small, or middle-sized. It does not matter the type of industry, if it is a BtoC or in what markets it operates in. Companies need to reach their clients directly, simply,…

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Los Chatbots y el Ecommerce Conversacional

Conversational e-commerce is the future and chatbots are the key

According to Gartner Research predictions, by 2020 it is estimated that chatbots will be involved in 85% of the interactions between customer and company. What is Conversational E-commerce about? Chatbots are the future of conversational marketing….

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El Chatbot es tu aliado

OhWhatAChat Is Your Ally!

For your Chatbot to get 100% of efficiency, it is key you plan its functionality. As up to now, the development of Artificial Intelligence has not been able to imitate the full human language, it…

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Los Chatbots con Inteligencia Artificial

Chatbots are here to stay

Robots are invading our lives to make them easier. The news is that they have now arrived to the world of the companies to make them grow via artificial intelligence and chatbots. See how below….

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Consumidores prefieren chatbots

Consumers Prefer to Communicate Via Chatbots

How many times were you unable to service your customer on time? Did you think about the many times you miss a sale chance simply because you were not available to assist him/her? It is…

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Temporada ideal para instalar chatbot

Summer Season: The Ideal Season to Install your Chatbot

During the Summer Season, the demand and activity turn down. Therefore, it is the ideal Season to install a Chatbot, a tool that allows you to be closer to your clients and to increase your…

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Como funciona el Chatbot de OhWhatAChat

Know How OhWhatAChat Works

OhWhatAChat is the first chatbot that can work with your employees to offer the best customer service. In three easy steps, you will enjoy this solution in your company. Having OhWhatAChat in your company is…

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Chatbot inteligencia artificial

Robots And Humans Together To Increase Your Sales

You have surely heard about Artificial Intelligence and that it will replace many of human beings tasks in the future. But do not worry! It is not about science fiction but easier than what you…

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Como funcionan los chatbots

¿What is a Chatbot and how does it work?

A chatbot is the most affordable, effective and quickest solution to assist a user or a client with your product or service features. Chatbot, as its name indicates, is a mix between a robot and…

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